Faculty and Staff


Jim Brown

Head of School
Phone: (580) 477-2511

Cathy Madl

Phone: (580) 477-2511

Meri Kayla Baker

Administrative Assistant
Phone: (580) 477-2511

Kelly Beane

Admissions Director
Phone: (580) 477-2511

Pre-Kindergarten Teachers

Mandy Lemus

Pre-K 3-Year-Old Teacher

Kaitlyn Marrero

Pre-K 3-Year-Old Teacher Assistant

Anna Matthews

Pre-K 3-Year-Old Teacher Assistant

Whitney Wigington

Pre-K 4-Year-Old Part Day Teacher / Office Assistant

Alisa Beltran

Pre-K 4-Year-Old Teacher / Early Education Director

Christina Roberson

Pre-K 4-Year-Old Assistant

Ali Lehrman

Pre-K 4-Year-Old Part Day Teacher

Kindergarten- 8th Grade

Rachael Nenneman

Kindergarten Teacher

Tammy Lehew

1st Grade Teacher

Jennie Vander Veen

2nd Grade Teacher

Kyli Croft-Reaser

Teacher Assistant / Recess Assistant

Kenze Cordes

3rd Grade Teacher

Rachel Boyd

Teaching Assistant

Andrea Carpenter

4th/5th Math, Science, Social Studies & 4th Bible Teacher

Heather Kirby

4th/5th Reading & Language Arts & 5th Bible Teacher

Laura Paterson

6th/7th/8th Grade Language Arts & 6th/7th Social Studies Teacher; PBL

Kristen Partin

6th/7th/8th Science Teacher; PBL; Tech Coordinator; JAM Coordinator

Angie Marple

6th Science Teacher

Ben Partin

Middle School Bible Teacher

Brayden Lehew

Teaching Assistant

Gaylene Freeman

Middle School Drama Teacher

Steve Lehew

Middle School Choir Teacher


Kory Kirby

Athletic Director

Jayme Altom

K-8th Spanish Teacher

Amy Weaver

7th & 8th Pre-Algebra / Pre-K-5th Music Teacher

Jenny Rucker

K-5th P.E.

Becky Hamilton

Library Volunteer

Jenny Winters

Library Volunteer

Brenda Pettijohn

Learning Lab