Admissions Process


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Admission to Altus Christian Academy is open to students with families who desire an education based on a biblical worldview and whose children demonstrate the potential for success in the ACA setting. Families must agree to abide by and uphold the policies of the school.

Altus Christian Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, or disability in administration of its educational and admissions policies, scholarship programs, athletics, and other school-administered programs.

Altus Christian Academy reserves the right to select students on the basis of academic performance, classroom readiness, religious commitment, lifestyle choices, and personal qualifications including a willingness to cooperate with ACA’s administration and staff and to abide by its policies.

Admission Requirements

  • ACA offers Pre-K classes for three- and four-year-olds. Students must turn the appropriate age by September 1 of the upcoming academic year to enroll in a particular class.
  • All early childhood applicants must be able to care for restroom needs independently.
  • Pre-K applicants must complete a developmental assessment.
  • Kindergarten applicants must turn 5 by September 1.
  • Applicants must submit all required paperwork and complete a family interview before admission is determined. See below for a list of required documentation.
  • Each new K – 8th grade applicant will be assessed by a faculty member. Previous assessments will be considered. ACA faculty, administration, and the parents will work together to determine appropriate grade placement. School officials will make the final decision.
  • ACA may accept a student with special needs if the school’s program can sufficiently meet those needs. School officials will make this determination.
  • Students must be up-to-date on immunizations and will be required to have a current immunization record on file. If exempt for medical or religious reasons, the student must have the appropriate form on file. Students not current on immunizations must be brought up-to-date as soon as possible and within the first 9 weeks of the school term. Students not in compliance may be asked to stay home from school until properly immunized.
  • Each student must have a copy of his or her certified birth certificate on file.
  • Students must have a record of acceptable and appropriate behavior and attendance at previous schools.
  • Extenuating or special circumstances that would require an exception to these policies must be brought before the board of directors for approval. Bona fide evidence of the need for exception must be presented and would be considered in light of the school’s ability and responsibility to meet the needs of the student.
  • Parents must sign a Parent Covenant.
  • As per the Military Interstate Children’s Compact, parents of military dependent children may hand carry records to Altus Christian Academy. If a student meets school admissions requirements, ACA will place the student in the grade in which the child was enrolled in his or her previous school, regardless of age, pending receipt of official records. ACA reserves the right to do subsequent testing to ensure appropriate placement. Any missing immunizations should be made up within 30 calendar days of enrollment, or for a series, the initial immunization should be received within 30 calendar days. Special power of attorney or a relative with guardianship may enroll the child at ACA.

Required Documentation
Pre-k and kindergarten submit the following:

  • Student application form
  • Pre-k class selection form (if applicable)
  • Pre-k screening form
  • Early childhood recommendation form
  • Photocopy of the student’s immunization record
  • Photocopy of the student’s birth certificate
  • Signed Parent/Guardian Covenant

First through eighth grade submit the following:

  • Student application form
  • Teacher recommendation form
  • Previous school records including the past two years of standardized test results and report cards as well as any educational or diagnostic testing
  • Homeschool transcript (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of the student’s immunization record
  • Photocopy of the student’s birth certificate
  • Signed Parent/Guardian Covenant

Once families have submitted the required paperwork and records, our admissions director will call to schedule a family interview. Families will be notified as to their admittance status approximately a week after the interview. Once classes are filled, qualified applicants will be placed onto a wait list. As openings become available, a committee will work to fill those spots with the most appropriate applicants.